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Mary T. Supportive Living Programs

Founded in 1976, Mary T Inc. provides unique and ever evolving services to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, physical disabilities and persons with mental health diagnoses. Our 33 group homes located throughout the Twin Cities metro area include 12 ICF/DD homes, 12 homes serving persons with CADI/TBI waivers, and 9 I/DD waiver homes. Mary T Inc. also provides Independent and Semi Independent Living Services, Home Health Care, and In Home Family Supports to people in their own homes. Our CC Parkview program in Coon Rapids is a unique housing option that offers affordable and accessible housing with less than 24-hour staff support.

We also have Supported Apartment programs in Coon Rapids, Elk River and St Cloud. Our Supported Apartment programs are aimed at supporting individuals that need on site supervision and support with activities of daily living and life skills coaching but want a more independent setting then foster care. Staff are available 24 hours a day and tailor the support to meet each individual’s needs. This model allows the greatest amount of independence along with the security of knowing staff are nearby and easily accessible. Services may include independent living skills, medication and budget management, recreation, transportation, community meals, and assistive technology.

Additional services offered by May T Inc. include affordable and accessible rental housing in Coon Rapids and Savage. Mary T Inc. is committed to providing quality, person centered services that exceeds the expectations of the people we serve.

Phone: (763) 754-2505
Toll-free: (888) 255-6400

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