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June 1994 Issue

Contributors: A Frustrating Year in Review - Health Care Woes or Will the Democrats Ever Grow Up - by William A. Smith, Jr. We Have to Send a Louder Message to Congress on Health Care Reform - by Mary Jo George Mission Accomplished - by Deborah Peterson Editor's Column - Charlie Smith New Health Care Options Must Include Mental ...

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April 1994 Issue

Contributors: Planning the New Metro Mobility - RTB Outlines the New Approach,  by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column – Charlie Smith Horticultural Therapy and Adaptive Tools – by Jean M. Larson, of the MN Landscape Arboretum Spirituality and Disability – by Sefra Kobrin Pitzele Minnesota Head Injury Association Denounces Durenberger Remarks – by Access Press Staff Hello Nicole – by Nicole As ...

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December 1993 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Ready for Straight Talk About Health Care? by William A. Smith Customers are Suing, RTB Investigates, ATE Reports Progress, by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Nutritional & Physical Diabetes, by Sister Kenny Institute Taking Our Show to the Road, by Craig Dunn Hello Nicole, by Nicole Letters to the Editor Are People with Disabilities Made in God's Image? by Rev Suzanne Made Support Comes in Many ...

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October 1993 Issue

Contributors: "Don't Call Us" Says Metro Mobility – Governor Carlson Calls Out the Guard, by Charlie Smith Universal Health Care is Coming - Some Way, Some How, by William A. Smith, Jr. Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Hand Rehabilitation Services, by Sister Kenny Institute Hello Nicole, by Nicole New County Adminstrator Reaches Out to People with Disabilities, by Peter McLaughlin Religion and Disability, by Manley Olson Very Special Arts, by Craig Dunn Aging: ...

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August 1993 Issue

Contributors: Trip Assurance Cancelled - Again, Can Everybody Get By Until October and What Then? by William A. Smith, Jr. Boom Island Park Hosts '93 ADA Fest, by Adam Quinn Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Religion and Disability, by Mary Jean Steinhagen Hello Nicole, by Nicole Aging - It's Not Just Staying Alive, by Eunice McClurg & LeAnne Dahl The Power of To: by Gordon Gillesby PDF copy of August 1993

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July 1993 Issue

Contributors: Accessible Summer Activities Still Abound, by Adam Quinn Mendota Heights Mother and Daughter Testify Before United States Subcommittee, by Lee Swanson DRA Closes Shop - Forever? by Charlie Smith Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Use It or Lose It. . . Normal Aging, Movement and You, by Osa Jackson-Wyatt Hello Nicole, by Nicole Aging - It's Just Not Staying Alive, by Eunice McClurg and LeAnne Dahl The Power of To: by Gordon Gillesby PDF Copy of July ...

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June 1993 Issue

Contributors: Access Press Wins Awards, Adds New Columns, and Plans a Bigger, Better Paper, by William A. Smith, Jr. RTB Selects ATE to Manage Metro Mobility, by Suzanne Hanson Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Medical Rehabilitation: A Revolutionary Evolution, by Sister Kenny Institute Very Special Arts, by Craig Dunn Hello Nicole, by Nicole Become a Squeaky Wheel, by Deborah Peterson The Power of To: by Gordon Gillesby PDF Copy of June 1993

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June 1992 Issue

Contributors: No Change in Metro Mobility in '92 - RTB Has "Ideas" For 1993 - So Do Lots of Others, by Adam Quinn A Second Anniversary Issue for Access Press by Charlie Smith Editor's Column by Charlie Smith New PAC to Work on Disability Issues, by Rod and Sandy Morgan Legislative Harmony Sacrificed Fairness, by Mel Duncan Hello Nicole, by Nicole Nutrition and Physical Disabilities, by Sister Kenny Institute RTB Outlines the Proposed Changes in Metro Mobility, by Access ...

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May 1992 Issue

Articles/Contributors: HealthRight Passes - The Sponsors Tell Us All About It, by Access Press Staff Metro Mobility - A "Safety Net" Instead of a Service? by William A. Smith, Jr. Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith New State Trust Law Could Affect Persons with Disabilities, by Arnie Gruetzmacher Sister Kenny Institute: May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, by Access Press ...

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April 1992 Issue

Contributors: The PCA Battle Appears to be Won, by Adam Quinn Metro Mobility May Be Abandoned, by William A. Smith Jr. Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Legislative Process Threatens Those Relying on Present Programs, by Jackie Alfonso, of United Handicapped Federation Peer Counseling Available, by Sister Kenny Institute The Future is Now Flexible Work Options, by Peter McLaughlin Hello Nicole, by Nicole Unique Service Offers Opportunities to People with Disabilities, by Sister ...

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March 1992 Issue

Contributors: Mary Bernhardus Kay L. Ellingson Peter McLaughlin Nicole Pamela Parker Adam Quinn Charlie Smith William A. Smith, Jr. Leah Welch PDF Copy of March 1992

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January 1992 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Wheelchair Aviators Flying High: School Offers Hands on Flight Opportunity, by Annie Levin Becoming Self-Supporting PASS Program - Part 3, The Conclusion, by Toni Zacherie Watt Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith United Cerebral Palsy of Minnesota, by Access Press Staff Sister Kenny Institute: Learning to "Take It Easy," Access Press Staff What You Should Know About Your 1992 Taxes, ...

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December 1991 Issue

Contributors: Gillette Children's Hospital - Unique Small Hospital Offers Lifelong Therapy, by Kim Wickline Becoming Self-Supporting PASS Program - Part 2, by Toni Zacharie Watt Editor's Column by Charlie Smith Fix-Up Fund for Accessibility Improvements by Access Press Staff Arthritis - Common But Complex by Jenny Fransen, RN The Legislators Are Coming! by William A. Smith, Jr. Fostering Cooperation Among Governments by Peter McLaughlin Hello Nicole by Nicole MCIL: How Our Agency Stands on Metro ...

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November 1991 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Self Support Can be Achieved by Toni Zachariae Watt Metro Mobility Fare Change Disappoints Riders (Again), by Adam Quinn Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith St. Paul Councilman Fixes Tickets - for a Lot of Handicapped Drivers, by Dave Thune U Medical School Plans to Drop Occupational Therapy, by Willam A. Smith Two More Views on Minnesota Health Care: Minnesota COACCT Wants ...

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Legislature Doing The Usual We’re Not “Mad As Hell”-Why Not?

Two weeks to go in the current legislative session and do you know where your bills are tonight? Probably nowhere, in view of the continuing discussion over taxes, taxes and taxes. The biggest hit of the last few sessions was the expansion of “charitable” gambling with all its ...

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July 1990

Articles/Contributors: Accessible Transit Here, however. . . by Willam A. Smith, Jr. Legal Aid: No-Nonsense Advocacy, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Midway Training Services, by Access Press Staff Recreation and Technology, by Erik Aasland RTB Forum Highlights Consumer Transit Concerns, by Transcript of Consumer Questions and Administration Answers from the May 9th Seward Square Forum Seward Forum Highlights ...

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