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Editor’s Column – December 2018

Winter has arrived, snow is on the ground, and the holidays are just around the corner with lots of celebrating after the anxiety-filled shopping. If you're an online shopper and shop on Amazon, make sure you use Amazon Smile. You can easily get Amazon to donate to Access Press by shopping at Just register ...

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Editor’s Column – November 2018

This November is the first one in 15 years when we haven’t held the Charlie Smith Awards banquet. I missed the ceremony, and I even missed the work that it took to put it together (although the heaviest load was always carried by my coworkers, Dawn, Michelle, Jane, and Board members who started months before ...

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Editor’s Column – August 2018

July 26 was a big day in the disability community. We had the 28th ADA celebration at the Science Museum of Minnesota, with a theme focused on mental health. Once again the celebration was well attended and there was a plethora of entertainment. The Sam Miltich and Friends band played amazing jazz music, and Sam ...

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Editor’s Column – September 2017

In early September, many of the advocacy organizations are putting together their 2018 legislative agendas, prioritizing and discussing what issues are most relevant to their constituents. At noon on February 20, 2018, the 90th Minnesota Legislature will reconvene its regular session, but over the next few months, committee meetings and discussions of a wide variety ...

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Editor’s Column – March 2017

The Minnesota legislative session is in full swing and moving at a very rapid pace, with deadlines for legislation to be heard in both chamber committees by March 10. "The first committee deadlines were adopted in 1971 as part of the Permanent Joint Rules. There were two deadlines, one for bills in the house of ...

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Editor’s Column – February 2017

Since the Minnesota legislative session started, there have been hundreds of new bills introduced, including two that are of interest concerning caregivers, home care and home care agencies. Both were introduced on February 6, and both were authored by Sen. Jerry Relph (R -St. Cloud). Together the bills are aimed at easing the workforce shortage ...

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Editor’s Column – November 2016

On November 4, at the 14th annual Charlie Smith Awards banquet, we celebrated Cliff Poetz, the winner of the 2016 award. Cliff has been advocating for people with disabilities for decades. I’m proud to say that I’ve known and seen Cliff’s extraordinary advocacy skills, his ability to stay focused on a particular topic and his ...

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Editor’s Column – April 2016

The sporadic warm temperatures over the last few weeks have been welcome. I think this is the earliest I’ve been out running the dog on the trails. But even though it’s 50 degrees, the wind chills can catch you off-guard without enough layers, so be careful going out and always plan on it getting colder before you get home. A March 29 ...

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Editor’s column – July 2015

We at Access Press are very proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary. It seems almost impossible that 25 years has passed. I can’t imagine Charlie Smith, the founder of Access Press thinking the paper would survive a quarter century and still be relevant, making legislative change and engaging a strong readership. I sure couldn’t have imagined in 2001 that I ...

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Editor’s Column – September 2014

I hope everybody who attended the state fair had a great time. The record-breaking attendance is probably related to the good weather for this year’s great Minnesota get-together. If you have an interesting story to tell about your experience, please send it to us; we want to share some fair memories online. Our annual banquet is ...

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Editor’s Column – June 2014

Summer is here and like most Minnesotans, I have to complain about the weather. It got too darn hot to darn fast! We had no time to acclimate—seems like it was in the low 40s and the next day it was in the high 80s. Before we could turn the furnace off from winter we ...

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Editor’s Column – March 2014

Many of us knew it was just a matter of time before the rest of the country recognized John Tschida’s tremendous abilities and he would be called off to do something bigger. Well, the president of the United States has appointed a new director of the National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation and Research, and it ...

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Editor’s Column – February 2014

January was a frigid month—I can’t remember the last winter when I took time off work because it was too cold for safe travel the three miles to work. One cold night, I ran across a 1990s documentary called “Bring Warm Clothes,” about how Minnesota pioneers struggled (you can view it online). One letter quoted ...

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Editor’s Column – December 2013

Winter is here; there is no questioning that now. As I’m writing this, I’m watching the snow falling out my window. I’m not looking forward to slipping out into the cold and the slick drive home. The winter weather alerts have been broadcast everywhere— smartphones, television, radio, Internet. All those alerts, but nothing to do ...

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Editor’s Column – June 2013

What a crazy spring! It seems like every day we have had rain and far too many thunderstorms disturbing one’s sleep. My dog is even showing frustration with the constantly damp grass. He likes to roll around in grass when it is dry to scratch his back and face. What is a poor dog to ...

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Editor’s Column – November 2012

About 200 people joined Access Press for the ninth annual Charlie Smith Award Banquet on November 2, and it was a blast! We gathered for dinner to honor Chuck Van Heuveln, who was very excited about and honored by the celebration. While many of the people who attended knew of Chuck’s recent success in achieving change ...

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Editor’s Column – May 2012

The 2012 legislative session may have ended by the time you read this. As of right now, there are still discussions about a new Vikings football stadium. I am almost to the point where I don’t even care which way it goes. Let’s just quit talking about stadiums; it’s taking up way too much legislative ...

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