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Editor’s Column – September 2010

Well, it’s September and, after that blast of Fall on Labor Day weekend, it feels like summer is over. Again, the state fair was great this year and we’ve got a few highlights from our visits at the fair. This year Access Press was highlighted at the newspaper history museum at the fair. An article ...

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Social Security Administration – 75 yrs old!

Social Security is looking for your stories and reflections of how it has made a difference in your life (or your friends and families lives). We'd love to see some stories here too!  Their link:   And post your stories here too!

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The Story of Us: 20 years of MN disability news coverage remembered, as covered by Access Press – Pt. 2

Minnesota, as told through the pages of Access Press, is one of victories and defeats, activism and accolades. Come with us on a trip back through the past two decades. This installment covers the second five years of newspaper coverage.  May 1995 Debate continued at the capitol over programs for people with disabilities, with most attention focused ...

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Social Security Reform – Individual Accounts Would Reduce Disability Benefits

Four years ago, Access Press reported on the likely effects of "privatization"of Social Security on that program's disability benefits (see "Social Security and Disability: What Privatization Means" August 1997). In that article, we pointed out that any plans to "privatize" Social Security which means to take some of the money that currently goes into a ...

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November 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Deaf Advocacy- New Services Planned, by Donna McNamara Department of Health to License PCA Services, by Ken Moses Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith African American People with Disabilities - Many Unmet Needs Remain, by Jeff Nygaard Board Restores Funding to Disability Programs, by Peter McLaughlin Offering Our Miracles, Using our Gifts, by Pete Feigal How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Frank Guinello Evil ...

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September 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Candidates Speak II - Waiting List Crisis Addressed, by Access Press Staff They Said He Was a Vegetable, Life or Death - Who Decides? by Kaye Henry Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Regional CIL Conference a Success, by Lolly Lljewski Grains of Sand Turning Into Pearls, by Pete Feigal Social Security Reform Update, Jeff Nygaard Hello Nicole, by Nicole National Ministry Leaders ...

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August 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Happy 7th Birthday: Americans with Disabilities Act, by Doug Anderson Courage Center: Problems at the Resident, Residents Voice Concerns, by Jane Wheeler Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith President Reauthorizes IDEA, by Access Press Staff Hello Nicole, by Nicole From Sainthood to Inclusion, by Barbara Gill Social Security and Disability: What Privatization Means, by Jeff Nygaard Direct Care Crisis: Study Shows Staff Shortages will Continue without Industry-wide Effort, ...

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May 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Going Back to Work?: Social Security Administration Changes the Rules, by Tom Emmons (Disability Works) Wellstone Fights for Mental Illness Benefits, by Access Press Staff Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Book Review - The Essential Arthritis Cookbook, by Linh Nguyen Disability Vote Can Change Election Outcome, by Access Press Staff Beyond the Ramp: Conference on Religion & Disability, by Maureen Pranghofer Support for ...

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September 1994 Issue

Contributors: Labor Day and Disability Pride: Local Celebration Refutes the Lewis Attitude, by Adam Quinn Speaking Out in D.C. by Richard Mathison Employment Center for Visually Impaired Opens, by Deborah Peterson Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith Health Benefit Plans and the ADA, by Carolyn Emerson MN Athlete Brings Home Medals, by Access Press Staff Hallonbeck, Driscoll Set Records in 1994 Kaiser Roll, by Access ...

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May 1994 Issue

Contributors: No Bidders to Replace ATE - Situation is Complicated as Deadline Approaches - by Charlie Smith Mental Health Should be Included in Reform - by Sen. Paul Wellstone Library Services for the Blind and Physcially Handicapped in Minnesota - by Access Press Staff Hennepy County Library Offers Computer Access to Electronic Network, by Access Press Staff Editor's Column - ...

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December 1993 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Ready for Straight Talk About Health Care? by William A. Smith Customers are Suing, RTB Investigates, ATE Reports Progress, by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Nutritional & Physical Diabetes, by Sister Kenny Institute Taking Our Show to the Road, by Craig Dunn Hello Nicole, by Nicole Letters to the Editor Are People with Disabilities Made in God's Image? by Rev Suzanne Made Support Comes in Many ...

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July 1993 Issue

Contributors: Accessible Summer Activities Still Abound, by Adam Quinn Mendota Heights Mother and Daughter Testify Before United States Subcommittee, by Lee Swanson DRA Closes Shop - Forever? by Charlie Smith Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Use It or Lose It. . . Normal Aging, Movement and You, by Osa Jackson-Wyatt Hello Nicole, by Nicole Aging - It's Just Not Staying Alive, by Eunice McClurg and LeAnne Dahl The Power of To: by Gordon Gillesby PDF Copy of July ...

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May 1993 Issue

Contributors: All About Shriners Hospital, by Beth Webber Sensitivity to Chemicals is not a Neurosis, by Marybeth Bachele Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Sister Kenny Institute Honor Patient of the Year, by Sister Kenny Institute Town Meetings Invite Public Comment on County Budget, by Peter McLaughlin Very Special Arts Could Use Your Help, by Craig Dunn Hello Nicole, by Nicole What Visually Impaired People Should Know About Social Security, by Access Press Staff Review: Family Guide to Medication ...

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Self Support Can Be Achieved: You can go to work and keep your benefits says Social Security analyst (Pt 1)

The best kept secret among disability benefit recipients, advocates, the Social Security Administration and complimenting agencies (Medical Assistance, Hud) is the availability of work incentives which are provided for recipients by permanent Public Law.  Section 1619 was originally effective January 1, 1981 as a 3 year demonstration and extended by Congress in 1984 for an ...

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November 1991 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Self Support Can be Achieved by Toni Zachariae Watt Metro Mobility Fare Change Disappoints Riders (Again), by Adam Quinn Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith St. Paul Councilman Fixes Tickets - for a Lot of Handicapped Drivers, by Dave Thune U Medical School Plans to Drop Occupational Therapy, by Willam A. Smith Two More Views on Minnesota Health Care: Minnesota COACCT Wants ...

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Social Security Administration Forced To Review 452,000

Were you Zeblied? As a result of a settlement agreement made in the case of Sullivan v. Zebley, a new term may be commonplace among disabled young people, some still children, some adults. If you were a disabled child in the period from January 1980 through February 1990 (meaning under age 18) you may have been “Zeblied”, ...

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