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Access Press - Minnesota's Disability Community Newspaper

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November 1990 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Conference Bridges Ability Gap, by Adam Quinn Minneapolis Rehabilitation Center, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Tamarack Habilitation Technologies: "Human Engineering" Earmarks New Firm, by Michael Sheehan Project VITAL Offers Creative Life Experience, by LeAnne Dahl Legal Aid: What is Prior Authorization, by Access Press Staff AbleNet Workshops Train Educators, Caregivers, by Access Press Staff Sister Kenny Institute: Rehab, ...

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October 1990 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Assistive Technology Field Grows: Pre-Field National Productivity Loss Set at $300 Billion, by Michael Sheehan Finding Help for a Hidden Handicap, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith 1990 Governor's Awards on Technology to Assist Individuals with Disabilities, by Access Press Staff Legal Aid: Hill-Burton Can Provide Financial Health Care to Those in Need, by Access Press Staff MELD Serves Parents ...

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