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December 1994 Issue

Contributors: Metro Mobility Reaching Capacity - Funding Crunch May Stop Progress, by Access Press Staff Ready for the Legislature? by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith ADA Requirements for Public Telephones and TTY Access, by Carolyn Emerson "Careers On-Line:" Employment, Disability, and Technology, by Rick Battaglia Rosemary Young: Advocate and Friend, by LeAnne Dahl Anoka County Teenager Will Represent State at Austrian Freedom Observance, ...

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November 1994 Issue

Contributors: Department of Human Services Stalls: Rules Changes May Yet Proceed - Vigilance is Necessary, by Luther Granquist The Future of Metro Mobility, by John Walsh Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith Beware and Wary of Junk Mail, by Eunice McClurg Hello Nicole, by Nicole Diversity Takes Effort, by Clark Morphew Life Goes On, by LeAnne Dahl Revised Eyeglass Service Rule, by Anne Henry The Power of To: by Gordon ...

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October 1994 Issue

Contributors: Department of Human Services-Proposes Major Changes in Medical Assistance Rules, by Luther Granquist Metro Mobility Service: Quality Needs to Remain a Priority, by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome: Beyond CFIDS, by Marjory Aldrich MOVIE REVIEW: "When Billy Broke His Head. . ." is a Winner, by Jeff Nygaard Hello Nicole, by Nicole Parenting God's Angels, ...

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August 1994 Issue

Contributors: Universal Health Care Debates are Sick - Will Money and Lies Win the Day? by Bill Smith Metro Mobility: System Still Faces Problems, by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith RTB Chair Says Metro Mobility Transition Going Smoothly, by Jane Fitz, ATB Staff RTB Seeking Solution to Interzone Trip Denial, by Access Press Staff Strangers Who Stare Are More Than ...

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March 1994 Issue

Contributors: Riders Prevail, ATE will Leave - Class Action Lawsuit Settled: 1.35 Million in Damages; ATE to Depart, by Access Press Staff ARC Health Care Forum Points Out Dangers, Asks for Action by Participants, in Shaping Legislation, by Bonnie Marshall Opportunity Lost, by Deborah Peterson Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith Stroke Rehabilitation, by Sister Kenny Institute New Division Formed to Employ Individuals ...

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February 1994 Issue

Riders' Outcries Having an Effect: Legislature Seems Ready  to Make Changes in System by Charlie Smith Universal Health Care - Where Do We Go From Here, by Sen. Paul Wellstone Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith "International Open Door Troup Offering New Local Shows, Too, by Roger Hammer Rehabilitation Assessment Clinic, by Sister Kenny Institute Hello Nicole, by Nicole The Big "H," by Mary Kraemer, ...

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January 1994 Issue

Contributors: "The Case" - Lawyers and Principals Meet on Pending Class Action, by Charlie Smith James Brady Brings Prizes and Encouragement on ADA, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith Community Involvement Programs Awarded $3.2 Million Grant, by Melissa Shelton-Davies Biofeedback, by Sister Kenny Institute Hello Nicole, by Nicole New in Ramsey County -"New Referral Service for Uninsured/Underinsured," by Access Press ...

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December 1993 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Ready for Straight Talk About Health Care? by William A. Smith Customers are Suing, RTB Investigates, ATE Reports Progress, by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Nutritional & Physical Diabetes, by Sister Kenny Institute Taking Our Show to the Road, by Craig Dunn Hello Nicole, by Nicole Letters to the Editor Are People with Disabilities Made in God's Image? by Rev Suzanne Made Support Comes in Many ...

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October 1993 Issue

Contributors: "Don't Call Us" Says Metro Mobility – Governor Carlson Calls Out the Guard, by Charlie Smith Universal Health Care is Coming - Some Way, Some How, by William A. Smith, Jr. Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Hand Rehabilitation Services, by Sister Kenny Institute Hello Nicole, by Nicole New County Adminstrator Reaches Out to People with Disabilities, by Peter McLaughlin Religion and Disability, by Manley Olson Very Special Arts, by Craig Dunn Aging: ...

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August 1993 Issue

Contributors: Trip Assurance Cancelled - Again, Can Everybody Get By Until October and What Then? by William A. Smith, Jr. Boom Island Park Hosts '93 ADA Fest, by Adam Quinn Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Religion and Disability, by Mary Jean Steinhagen Hello Nicole, by Nicole Aging - It's Not Just Staying Alive, by Eunice McClurg & LeAnne Dahl The Power of To: by Gordon Gillesby PDF copy of August 1993

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March 1993 Issue

Contributors: Smug Non-Compliance is the Norm - Our Favorite Advocate Surveys a Community Under ADA, by Mindy Desens Wellstone Bill Provides "A Yardstick for Health-Care Reform," by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith RTB Working to Find Additional Metro Mobility Rides, by The Staff of the Regional Transit Board What Has Happened to Metro Mobility, by Charlie Smith Center for Assistive Rehabilitation - ...

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February 1993 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Change & Challenge for Metro Mobility, by Bill Smith Access Press Given Outstanding Media Award, by Adam Quinn Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Definition of "Wellness" Varies with Each Individual, by Peg Keller of the Sister Kenny Institute Opening Up County Government, by Peter McLaughlin Can Minnesota's Health Care System Work for People with Disabilities? by The Coalition on Health Care Issues for Persons ...

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January 1993 Issue

Contributors: Understanding Health Care Proposals by Tom Brick Guthrie Theatre Offers Audio Description to Visually Impaired Patrons by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Twenty Ways to Make Living Easier with Arthritis, by Sister Kenny Institute Fairness for a Change: A Progressive View of Taxation, by Mel Duncan Hello Nicole, by Nicole Access to the Arts Taking Shape, by Craig Dunn State Council on Disabilities ...

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August 1992 Issue

Contributors: New Employment Rules Take Effect: Disabilties Act Celebrated at Lake Phalen Picnic, by Adam Quinn Wellstone Introduces Universal Health Care Act, by Access Press Staff Straight Talk on Metro Mobility (No Misinformation This Time), by Charlie Smith Editor's Column, by Charlie Smith Newly Organized Political Action Group Growing Rapidly, by Sandy Morgan Chemical Dependency is a Health Care Issue, by Sister ...

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February 1992 Issue

Contributors: Minnesota Rehab Counselors Report on Innovation & Progress South of the Border, by Juulie Redenbaugh & Linda Sourbis Metro Mobility Saga Continues - More on RTB, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Life Stories of Polio Survivors Sought, by Sister Kenny Institute United Handicapped Federation Issues Transportation Alert, by Access Press Staff Get Involved!  Precinct Caucuses Are Coming March 3rd, ...

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January 1992 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Wheelchair Aviators Flying High: School Offers Hands on Flight Opportunity, by Annie Levin Becoming Self-Supporting PASS Program - Part 3, The Conclusion, by Toni Zacherie Watt Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith United Cerebral Palsy of Minnesota, by Access Press Staff Sister Kenny Institute: Learning to "Take It Easy," Access Press Staff What You Should Know About Your 1992 Taxes, ...

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RTB – Between A Rock And A Hard Place

A Letter From From  Michael Ehrlichmann, Chairman RTB I appreciate the opportunity to respond to some of the concerns expressed by ACCESS PRESS and your readers relative to Metro Mobility. For several months prior to and during the last legislative session, the Regional Transit Board staff and myself dedicated most of our time to meeting with legislators ...

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July 1990

Articles/Contributors: Accessible Transit Here, however. . . by Willam A. Smith, Jr. Legal Aid: No-Nonsense Advocacy, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Midway Training Services, by Access Press Staff Recreation and Technology, by Erik Aasland RTB Forum Highlights Consumer Transit Concerns, by Transcript of Consumer Questions and Administration Answers from the May 9th Seward Square Forum Seward Forum Highlights ...

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