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Changes at Sister Kenny

When Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute celebrated its 60th anniversary in December 2002, St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly issued a proclamation acknowledging that the Institute is “among the nation’s leading rehabilitation facilities, on the forefront of clinical research and technology development.” In recent years, Sister Kenny has been the recipient of research grant awards from the ...

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The Disability Community Loses a Friend

It's hard to know where to begin the daunting task of describing the many facets of Charlie Smith and what he meant to the disability community.  He was an entrepreneur  and the founder of Access Press; he held the position of Editor and Publisher for more than ten years.  He was a passionate and committed ...

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January 2000 Issue

Table of Contents: Greenfield Leaving House - A Champion of Disability Legislation by Charlie Smith Metro Mobility Hears From the Public by Jeff Nygaard Three Beneficial Medications — No Money To Pay by Joel Ulland Children's Mental Health Association by Christine Tomlinson News in Brief – January 2000 by Access Press Staff Hello Nicole – December 1999 by Nicole Remember Our History by Lolly Lijewski Never Leave a Man Behind by ...

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December 1999 Issue

Table of Contents: Metro Mobility -Users Unhappy, Possible Violation Of Federal Law by Jeff Nygaard Work Incentives Bill Passes Congress by Anita Boucher Y2K by Donna McNamara News in Brief – June 1999 by Access Press Staff Why Me? by John Schatzlein Disability in the New Millenium by Lolly Lijewski “Snoopy, The Grinch And The Land of Misfit Toys” by Pete Feigal Hello Nicole – December 1999 by Nicole Consumer Involvement - An ...

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November 1999 Issue

Table of Contents Light Rail Transit: How Accessible Will It Be? by Jeff Nygaard Cemetary Dedication by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column by Charlie Smith Technology Loan Network by Access Press Staff Y2K and Interdependence by Donna McNamara  Russion Delegates Visit by Christine Tomlinson News In Brief - November 1999 by Access Press Staff Mental Illness Groups by Access Press Staff "Wounded Healers" by Pete Feigal David and Mephibosheth by Linda Larson Kudos ...

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October 1999 Issue

Table of Contents Employment Survey: Research Shows America Benefits When People With Disabilities Work  by Charlie Smith Program Provides Flexible Employment by Amy Farrar Editor’s Column by Charlie Smith Resource Guide Available by Jaime Becker The Key to Y2K:  Be Prepared by Donna McNamara  Advocate Predicts WIIA To Pass With Compromises by Amy Farrar  News in Brief - October 1999 by Access Press Staff What Does It Mean To Be An Ally? by Lolly Lljewski A Star in the Face of ...

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August 1999 Issue

Table of Contents "Homechoice" Programs: Home Buying Made Easier for People with Disabilities by Amy Farrar "Options" for Independence by Jay Johnson Editor’s Column by Charlie Smith Human Rights Settlement Makes Yellow Pages Available by Phone by Access Press Staff The Year 2000 Problem by Donna McNamara  Where Are Those "Golden Years?" by LeAnne Dahl NCD Fellowship Program by Access Press Staff Common Sense Approach to Medical Assistance by Mark Wilde Grants for ...

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May 1999 Issue

Table of Contents: Policy Makers: Conference Chairs Interviewed by Charlie Smith Susan Hagel Honored by Sayre K. Darling Americans Support ADA: 9 of 10 Familiar With ADA Express Support by Access Press Staff A Few Simple Words Premiers by Donna McNamara News in Brief - May 1999 by Access Press Staff Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk by John Schatzlein To the Mental Health Professionals of MN by Pete ...

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March 1999 Issue

Table of Contents: Legislative Update  - Where Do Our Issues Stand?  by Charlie Smith Self-Defense - Options for People with Disabilities by Donna McNamara Editor's Column: March 1999 by Charlie Smith Work Incentives Meeting by Access Press Staff A Tribute to Kurt Strom by Wendy Brower, Margot Imdieke Cross, and Linda Wolford News in Brief: March 1999 by Access Press Staff Friends and ...

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December 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Court Case Settled - State Forced to Pay Interim Assistance, by Marie Richman Metro Mobility Forums, by Luke Pedersen Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Wheelchairs Too Depressing? by David Arnett Stadium Seating and Disability Parking, by Margot Imdieke Cross Breaking Our Airplanes, by Pete Feigal Interdependence, by Lolly Lljewski Southern MN Independent Living Enterprises & Services, by Alan Augustin Hello Nicole, by Nicole MN Helps Team ...

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September 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Candidates Speak II - Waiting List Crisis Addressed, by Access Press Staff They Said He Was a Vegetable, Life or Death - Who Decides? by Kaye Henry Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Regional CIL Conference a Success, by Lolly Lljewski Grains of Sand Turning Into Pearls, by Pete Feigal Social Security Reform Update, Jeff Nygaard Hello Nicole, by Nicole National Ministry Leaders ...

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July 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Managed Care '99: Private Corporation Plans to Enroll People with Disabilities, by Kate Havelin Gardening Offers Rewards Aplenty, by Judith Peters Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith What About the Health Care Consumer Advisory Board? by Cindy Johnson The Loverling's Story, by LeAnne Dahl Meaning, Purpose, and "Normal Life," by Pete Feigal HIV Ruling Has Large Impact, by Access Press Staff Companion Seating: One's ...

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June 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Eight Anniversary: The Year in Review by Charlie Smith U of M Struggles to Comply with ADA: Employees Not Happy, by Judith Gibson Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Behcet's Disease: A Mysterious Disabler, by Access Press Staff The Lovering's Story, by LeAnne Dahl Tilting at Windmills, by Pete Feigal People of FAITH, by Jeanne Dicke Hello Nicole, by Nicole Disability Parking-What Are We ...

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December 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Invisible Color: Disabled Minorities Are Not Seen or Heard in Community - Why? Is it Cultural, Racism, or Ignorance? by Dwight Hobbs Three Year Battle to Stand-Up: State Goes to Court - Again! by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Access at the Airport, by Lolly Lljewski Creating a Legacy, by LeAnne Dahl Bridges Program Funded: Housing Support Proves Successful, by Access ...

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November 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Trouble at Seward: Tenants Take Action Against Drug Dealers, by Dwight Hobbs Metro Mobility: Public Forums Held, by Luke Pedersen Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Taken for a Ride, by Mary Ellen Egan Words Can and Do Hurt, by LeAnne Dahl Dealing With Depression, by Katie O'Brien Hello Nicole, by Nicole AccessAbility: A Manual for Churches: 1997 by Cindy Bordeaux Stats Up - ...

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August 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Happy 7th Birthday: Americans with Disabilities Act, by Doug Anderson Courage Center: Problems at the Resident, Residents Voice Concerns, by Jane Wheeler Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith President Reauthorizes IDEA, by Access Press Staff Hello Nicole, by Nicole From Sainthood to Inclusion, by Barbara Gill Social Security and Disability: What Privatization Means, by Jeff Nygaard Direct Care Crisis: Study Shows Staff Shortages will Continue without Industry-wide Effort, ...

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June 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Capitol Success: A Legislative Review, by Charlie Smith Was DRAGnet Overlooked? by Jane Wheeler Metro Mobility Update: Improvements to be Effective Soon, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith Access & Dog Guides, by Lolly Lijewski Natural Involvement of Everyone, by Mary Jane Steinhagen New Challenges Everyday, by LeAnne Dahl Hello Nicole, by Nicole New Guidelines for the Workplace, by C. ...

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March 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Consumer Protection Needed: New Legislation Proposed - Patient Protection Act of 1997, by Charlie Smith Foreclosure: Woman May Lose Her Home, by Jeff Nygaard Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith From Apathy to Action, by Lolly Lljewski An Aging Population," Bill Everett Reflections on Assisted Suicide Forum, by LeAnne Dahl & Larry Dahl Electric Wheelchair Hockey, by Access Press Staff Facing a Dilemma, ...

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