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Editor’s Desk – October 2018

We have a lot to talk about this month. People all over are working on getting the workforce shortage under control. It's becoming more and more evident that in almost every field, the low unemployment rate is creating a huge shortage of available workers, and pushing wages up. Last year, I wrote about seeing a ...

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Editor’s Column – September 2018

Summer is moving out fast. Hope you’re enjoying the last few days of warm, sunny weather. They all seem more treasured in September than they did in July. I guess that’s like so many things in life: when they become rare, and we can see their end coming, we treasure them all the more. Good news ...

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Editor’s Column – June 2018

Editor’s Column – June 2018 Over the past couple months, I’ve  written to you here and we’ve contacted you online to ask for your help and support as Access Press faced some real financial challenges. Many of you in turn reached out to others in the community to make Access Press’s needs known. For instance, the Minnesota Organization for Habilitation ...

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Editor’s Column – May 2018

With spring’s new growth comes the end of the legislative session, and as usual very little has been done at the Minnesota capitol. In recent years, it is always a waiting game; each side is waiting to see who will fold first. Who’s going to cut taxes and who will get blamed for no tax ...

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Editor’s Column – April 2018

This legislative session is a high priority for people with disabilities. I say this a lot, but that’s because politics and law require repeating messages over and over, and making efforts over and over. It’s the legislature that can resolve the critical shortage of the PCA program; it’s the legislature that can get positive results ...

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Editor’s Column – March 2018

This month's column is difficult for me to write because it’s an early job ad. Access Press has been a dominant part of my life for many years. I'll be turning 65 in a few months (I know; how did that happen?), and I think it's time for Access Press to hit the “refresh button.” ...

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Editor’s Column – February 2018

Well, the second time Minnesota hosted the Super Bowl has come and gone. The underdog Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41–33, which took away some of the sting from the Eagles victory over the Vikings two weeks earlier. People always pay attention to the Super Bowl commercials, and there were some excellent commercials ...

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Editor’s Column – January 2018

As you all know, we’ve had a dangerously cold couple weeks. I hope everyone stayed safe and had no unforeseen incidents. Most of us who have lived here for some time know the serious risks of being caught off-guard in extreme frigid weather. Getting stuck on a snow-blocked curb cut, an un-shoveled sidewalk or slippery ...

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Editor’s Column – December 2017

One of our good friends, John Tschida, wrote me earlier this month after running into Yoshiko Dart in Washington DC, where John lives now. Yoshiko is the late Justin Dart’s wife, the woman Justin said was not only the love of his life, but also his coworker, ally, partner in advocacy and teammate. Together, they ...

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Editor’s Column – October 2016

Dear Governor Dayton, I hope your hip surgeries were successful. I haven’t heard much more about it or your rehabilitation in the news, so I am assuming it all went well without any resulting restrictions on your movement. I also hope you aren’t living with a lot of residual pain. On top of all that, you live daily with the stress ...

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Editor’s Column – July 2014

I’m enjoying the summer, in between rainstorms. This past month has been the wettest in years throughout the state, and the Mississippi River was past flood stage in downtown St. Paul. There are discussions about calling a special session for flood relief for many rural Minnesota communities. Let’s all hope that crops aren’t choked out ...

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Editor’s Column – April 2014

Can it be that spring is really here? Only a few days ago I was wondering if this winter would ever end. Who knows? Maybe another snowstorm will leave me stuck at home once again. But I hope by mentioning that, I’ve not jinxed it. Like all Minnesotans this year, I’m truly ready for spring! We ...

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Editor’s Column – October 2013

Here it is October already, and finally we’re getting some rain and fall temperatures. Like it or not, the rain is what we need and the cool temps are why we call it Minnesota. September was a beauty of a month, though—no one could complain about that mild weather. It was perfect. We’ve got a lot ...

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Editor’s Column – August 2013

We’ve had the best summer, weather-wise, that I can remember in Minnesota in many years. Except for a week or so of air-conditioning hot weather, most daytime temperatures, have been comfortable for most activities. And then these perfectly cool evenings have been great for early evening walks (and rolls) or windows-open TV watching. Best of ...

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Editor’s Column – December 2012

Here it is, the first week of December, and we’ve had very little snow or cold. Living in Minnesota, we know that very little snow and very little cold is not our winter. We also know we can’t avoid it; it will be coming. Let’s just hope that none of us get stranded somewhere where ...

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Editor’s Column – January 2012

With the start of the new year, the mass media is full of diets and fitness and other personal-improvement features. What’s on my mind is making life better for our community in general. We all have a lot to be thankful for; the advancements every year in independent living have been amazing. But this year ...

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Editor’s Column – December 2004

Happy Holidays to all of you. It seems like just yesterday that we moved from 1999 to 2000, and now it's 2005! Access Press has had a very good year. In the past year we've had over 40 talented writers contribute to the paper. Many new advertisers have joined the ranks to support Access Press, ...

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Editor’s Column – November 1991

Best news of the month is Senator Harris Wofford’s victory in Pennsylvania over the administrations candidate, former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh.  Senator Wofford’s strong advocacy of a national health care program was apparently the big issue, and his win was not a squeaker as polls predicted, but with a big margin.  Looks good for our ...

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