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Access Press - Minnesota's Disability Community Newspaper

May 1999 Issue

by // May 10th, 1999

Table of Contents:

Policy Makers: Conference Chairs Interviewed by Charlie Smith
Susan Hagel Honored by Sayre K. Darling
Americans Support ADA: 9 of 10 Familiar With ADA Express Support by Access Press Staff
A Few Simple Words Premiers by Donna McNamara
News in Brief – May 1999 by Access Press Staff
Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk by John Schatzlein
To the Mental Health Professionals of MN by Pete Feigal
Inside, Outside, and Beyond by Lolly Lijewski
Hello Nicole – May 1999 by Nicole
Lodges Offer Supportive Living by Access Press Staff
Governor Addresses Anti-ADA Group by Jeff Nygaard
Consumer Advisory Committee by Mark Wilde
Pushing Forward or Pulling Back? Supreme Court hears L.C. vs. Olmstead by Bud Rosenfield
State Titles in Floor Hockey Up for Grabs by Craig McClellan and Luke Pedersen

May 1999 Issue – Read the entire issue here!  (.pdf file)

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