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Access Press - Minnesota's Disability Community Newspaper

November 1997 Issue

by // November 10th, 1997

Trouble at Seward: Tenants Take Action Against Drug Dealers, by Dwight Hobbs
Metro Mobility: Public Forums Held, by Luke Pedersen
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
Taken for a Ride, by Mary Ellen Egan
Words Can and Do Hurt, by LeAnne Dahl
Dealing With Depression, by Katie O’Brien
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
AccessAbility: A Manual for Churches: 1997 by Cindy Bordeaux
Stats Up – Quality Down, by Lolly Lljewski
Council Presents Awards, by Cliff Miller
MCIL’s Annual Meeting, by David Hancox
Domestic Violence in the Disability Community, by David Grosvenor

Here’s the November 1997 Issue. Enjoy!

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