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Access Press - Minnesota's Disability Community Newspaper

January 1994 Issue

by // January 10th, 1994


“The Case” – Lawyers and Principals Meet on Pending Class Action, by Charlie Smith
James Brady Brings Prizes and Encouragement on ADA, by Access Press Staff
Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith
Community Involvement Programs Awarded $3.2 Million Grant, by Melissa Shelton-Davies
Biofeedback, by Sister Kenny Institute
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
New in Ramsey County -“New Referral Service for Uninsured/Underinsured,” by Access Press Staff
Aging – It’s Not Just Staying Alive: Changing Lifestyles, by LeAnne Nelson & Eunice McClurg
Community Supported Agriculture May Be Just Right for Buyers and Sellers, by Dawn Doering
Wheelchair Tips: Dealing with Snow, by Mike Robertson
Social Security Updates. . . by Bonna M. Eisenbeisz

A .pdf copy of January 1994

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