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Access Press - Minnesota's Disability Community Newspaper

March 1993 Issue

by // March 10th, 1993


Smug Non-Compliance is the Norm – Our Favorite Advocate Surveys a Community Under ADA, by Mindy Desens
Wellstone Bill Provides “A Yardstick for Health-Care Reform,” by Access Press Staff
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
RTB Working to Find Additional Metro Mobility Rides, by The Staff of the Regional Transit Board
What Has Happened to Metro Mobility, by Charlie Smith
Center for Assistive Rehabilitation – The Technology and the Care, by Sister Kenny Institute
Answering the Critics of the ADA – The Column We Should Have Written! by Marty Cushing
City Councilman Defends City Position On LSGI Suit, by Steve Cramer
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
The Turn About, by LeAnne Dahl
Library Foundation Takes a Leading Role in Accessibility, by Access Press Staff

PDF Copy of March 1993

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