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Access Press - Minnesota's Disability Community Newspaper

January 1992 Issue

by // January 10th, 1992


Wheelchair Aviators Flying High: School Offers Hands on Flight Opportunity, by Annie Levin
Becoming Self-Supporting PASS Program – Part 3, The Conclusion, by Toni Zacherie Watt
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
United Cerebral Palsy of Minnesota, by Access Press Staff
Sister Kenny Institute: Learning to “Take It Easy,” Access Press Staff
What You Should Know About Your 1992 Taxes, by Peter McLaughlin
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
Community Home Program – A New Alternative in Housing, by Access Press Staff
Paul Ogren: Update on ’92 Health Care “Looking Positive,” by Access Press Staff
Metro Mobility: RTB Has Another Hearing – Do They Listen?, by Rep. William A. Smith, Jr.
Product Review: Everest and Jennings Xcaliber, by Mary Bernhardus, of Handi Medical Supply

Here’s the January 1992 issue, all-in-one file! (.pdf file)

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