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Access Press - Minnesota's Disability Community Newspaper

November 1991 Issue

by // November 10th, 1991


Self Support Can be Achieved by Toni Zachariae Watt
Metro Mobility Fare Change Disappoints Riders (Again), by Adam Quinn
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
St. Paul Councilman Fixes Tickets – for a Lot of Handicapped Drivers, by Dave Thune
U Medical School Plans to Drop Occupational Therapy, by Willam A. Smith
Two More Views on Minnesota Health Care: Minnesota COACCT Wants a Single Payer System by Kip Sullivan -and- Medical Association Seeks Multiple Solutions by Roger K. Johnson
Letters to the Editor
Volunteers – Benefits Go Both Ways, by Linda Bradford
Sexual Taboos Limit Training Materials for Those with Disabilities, by Tina Hawkins & Geoffrey Garwick
Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, by Access Press Staff

PDF Copy of November 1991

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