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ACCESS PRESS needs your help

ACCESS PRESS needs your  help


Dear Faithful Readers,

Access Press needs your help. We’ve been with you for more than 28 years, educating, advocating, illuminating, investigating, revealing, solving, entertaining, raging, urging, grieving, celebrating and honoring you and your friends, family, and supporters in our …

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Disability Day highlights several key needs

Disability Day highlights several key needs

With the 2018 Minnesota Legislature in full swing, disability groups are making the case for a wide range of policy and spending bills. The calls for more spending for needed supports and services is bolstered by the budget forecast released …

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Paratransit idea meets resistance

Making improvements to Twin Cities area paratransit services calls for Metropolitan Council and Minnesota Legislature action in the months ahead. Recommendations proposed by a task force are touted as providing flexibility and expanding service, while remaining in compliance with state …

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Editor’s Column – March 2018

This month’s column is difficult for me to write because it’s an early job ad. Access Press has been a dominant part of my life for many years. I’ll be turning 65 in a few months (I know; how did …

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HISTORY NOTE: MinnesotaCare resulted from work by capitol’s ‘Gang of Seven’

China had its “Gang of Four.” Members who were Communist Party leaders rose to prominence in that country’s Cultural Revolution of the 1970s, but were later charged with treasonous crimes.

Minnesota had its “Gang of Seven.” Members who were Independent …

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