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Gains in services must be protected

When I was injured more than 55 years ago, I knew of no state services for people with disabilities. I stayed at home with mother, dad and brother. Dad, mom and brother acted as personal care attendants (PCA) for me in the early years. Then my brother was drafted into Army and was killed in ...

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She was a sister and a champion

She was a sister and a champion Editor’s note: JoAnn Cardenas Enos died in February. She was a champion of civil rights, including the rights of people with disabilities. But she is also remembered as a compassionate friend and family member. Her oldest brother, Rick Cardenas, read this at her wake. I loved growing up with JoAnn. Jo and I hung out in our backyard where there were old foundations of houses torn down from years ago and trees to ...

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The travails of European travel

Going to Europe is very interesting and exciting but you must contact friends who have made the trip and do research to minimize many of the obstacles to getting around. Last fall I was able to take that trip, but before going I had to make sure I could get from one city to another. ...

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Feeling at home in Europe

ACT presents its history exhibit at the European Council in Strasbourg Last month I went to France to talk disability rights. The seeds for the trip were planted when Advocating Change Together (for whom I work) sold one of its Disability History Walls to the Hungarian Eotvos Larand University program on disability. The history exhibit consists ...

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Blaine Student Wins Human Rights Art Contest

A student from Blaine was honored recently as the winner of the Human Rights Day poster contest in the Grades 9-12 category. The winner, Chandra, was recognized at a ceremony last month hosted by the Minnesota’s Commissioner of Human Rights, Velma Korbel. Chandra’s poster, entitled “Humanitarianism,” is now included in the 2008 human rights calendar, ...

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Bring Back Unions for PCAs

Addressing concerns raised in last month’s article I found last month’s article “Is Unionization of PCAs the Answer?” very interesting and thought provoking. However, unlike the author, I would celebrate PCAs being unionized. I encourage Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to begin organizing personal care assistants (PCAs) employed in the home health care service industry now. ...

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Political Action and Voting Power

From a grant of the Democracy Fund at Headwaters Foundation, Rick Cardenas of Advocating Change Together, along with Mai Thor of the Disability Law Center and Senator John Marty presented a day long workshop on political action and voting power at the Kelly Inn of St. Paul. The event brought people from Center Lakes Achievement ...

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Murderball: A Movie Review

I saw Murderball at the Uptown Theater with a couple of friends, one of whom told me that I “…just need to see this show.” Murderball is a sport created to give quadriplegics an outlet for their frustration about life. The sport is played on a basketball court with no baskets, just a goal line on ...

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The Right to Die

Florida resident, Theresa Schiavo, has a right to live. Does that also mean she has a right to die? Her story has been headline in the media lately and has forced us all to take a closer, and, at times, a more personal look at this controversial issue. Terri has raised the discussion of death ...

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