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A gift of shoes restores her faith in humanity

Many a day I’ve wondered, “How are we going to get through this?” “This,” meaning, the power of callous people to change the world in the wrong way. Then I wake up to a new day and new possibilities. This is what happened recently, which opened my heart, again, to the potential of human caring: I woke ...

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Staying healthy in these stressful times

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. But the goal of this article is to get us all to play! And be happy. And be healthy. For the sake of sounding very dramatic, it’s imperative that we, in particular, take care of our health and our lives, facing some of the stresses going on ...

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Can you see me now? Revealing invisible disabilities or why I am unhappy about being treated unfairly in daily situations

Two days ago a new friend asked me if I’d like to get together at a restaurant. I said yes. Then I froze. Feelings of dread came up, as did the impending doom that a new friendship would never happen. Why? Well, I need a restaurant with booths, where I can put pillows, and lift my feet and legs up ...

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For people with disabilities, we are what we eat

This was the message from Robin Roberts, whose mother said these words to her several years ago. Roberts was on the Dr. Oz show, talking about how she got through her crises with cancer and later a bone marrow transplant. She was saying that the power to discuss what we deal with, from a place of ...

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Join the movement to help the environment

I live with a chronic pain condition, spinal damage, an auto-immune system problem and some brain damage. And I recycle. Yes, I do. I know some of you can’t. Or can’t do it easily. I can, but only with help. Several years ago one of my PCAs called me the “Recycling Queen.” I am often able to ...

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Open Letter from Pain Central

Goodness gracious. What am I going to do about this body. Ouch! It hurts!! Well, this may not be my best day to write but they wanted me to explain this—chronic pain, that is. Ouch! Do I really want to write about this? Do YOU want to read about this? Maybe not, but let me try. First of ...

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Brain Damage is Not Imaginary

I was hit—very hard across the head, so that it felt like a bowling ball. That was my childhood. Over 50 years later, in my mid-50s, I am struggling with brain damage, various symptoms of which are physical and emotional, and with repercussions that are social and affect both relationships and work. I am sitting in a restaurant. ...

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