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Adaptive cycling lending program lets riders hit the trail

Adaptive cycling lending program lets riders hit the trail Enhancing Independence and Building Community through Outdoor Adaptive Cycling” is the mission and motto of one of the state’s first adaptive cycling lending program. Twin Cities Adaptive Cycling or TCAC is a non-profit organization co-founded by bicycling enthusiasts Caitlin “Cato” Bowles-Roth and Tommy Dixon. They and TCAC volunteers work to increase participation and access to cycling ...

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Understand how cold affects the skin

Planning to attend the St. Paul’s Red Bull Crashed ice races, a Special Olympics Polar Plunge, or a winter festival activity? Information is available about how to prevent frostnip and frostbite, but it’s worth learning how cold temperatures affect the skin. Individuals with disabilities who want to enjoy outdoor fun need basic information about the ...

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What is “boosting” in athletes with high-level spinal cord injury?

Many of us enjoyed the 2012 London Paralympics. The spots also drew attention to “boosting.” The practice of boosting is when an individual with a high spinal cord injury (T6 and above), intentionally elicits autonomic dysreflexia in order to enhance their athletic performance. AD is an acute hypertensive syndrome due to noxious stimuli to the ...

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Who should get vaccinated against influenza?

If you are an individual with a physical disability associated with chronic immunosuppression, you are at higher risk for catching the “flu”. The “flu” is an abbreviated term for influenza, which is an illness described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Many people ...

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