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FROM OUR COMMUNITY: Neighbors can intervene, help isolated elders

AARP has completed a report on the Framework for Isolation in Adults over age 50. The report defines isolation as the experience of diminished social connectedness stemming from a process whereby the impact of risk factors outweighs the impact of existing protective factors. A person’s lack of social connectedness is measured by the quality, type, ...

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Taking on stereotypes of ageism, the persistent ‘ism’

We frequently hear about racism and sexism in our culture, but we hear little about another persistent ‘ism’ — ageism. As our society grows older, ageism remains a growing challenge and concern. Researchers at Yale University were disturbed when they compiled negative comments about older adults, posted by young people on Facebook. Elders’ mobility and debilitation accounted for three-quarters of the comments. Here ...

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