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Basilica Block Party views blocked by bad planning

Basilica Block Party views blocked by bad planning Summer is music festival season in Minnesota. For live music lovers, being outdoors with a cold beverage in hand, singing along with thousands of fellow fans as your favorite band plays your favorite song, all add up to The Perfect Summer Day. Unfortunately, that perfect day can easily turn into a disappointing headache if you are a person with a disability. ...

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Guest Editorial – Carrie Salberg

Guest Editorial – Carrie Salberg It’s February, we’re digging out of our first major winter storm of the season, and love is in the air—or at least in the candy and greeting card aisles in retail stores. As a 30-something single disabled woman, I know first-hand the ups and downs involved in the search for love: the trials of meeting people online, awkward first dates, butterflies, ...

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Subminimum wage ban has implications for workers

New Hampshire is set to become the first state to ban subminimum wage for workers with disabilities. Legislation passed by the New Hampshire Senate and House of Representatives and ready for the governor’s signature at the time of this writing, “prohibits employers from employing individuals with disabilities at an hourly rate lower than the federal minimum ...

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Misunderstanding caused her travel troubles

I’ve traveled using a power wheelchair most of my life and with a ventilator since 2006. I have muscular dystrophy and the resulting muscle weakness is why I need a wheelchair and ventilator. I’ve been on 10 flights since 2006 without any problems.    I’ve done a lot of research on flying with all my medical equipment. ...

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Women are winners

Changing face of sports highlights more opportunities as well as challenges Can a quadriplegic woman sail solo across the English Channel? Can a woman in a wheelchair be a hockey player? In both cases, the answer is a resounding yes. Jen Onsum and Hilary Lister are great examples of women with disabilities choosing to stay active in ...

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‘Nonstop party cruise’ – A floating—and accessible—music festival

Want to know what I did in January? Imagine a Caribbean cruise sailing from Miami to Jamaica. Now add twenty to thirty rock bands, countless hours of live music, and a boat full of people having the time of their lives. This cruise actually exists. It is called The Rock Boat (TRB), and is billed ...

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