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More oversight seen as needed for home, community services

More oversight seen as needed for home, community services

More oversight is needed for programs that provide care and services for people with disabilities and the elderly, according to a report from the state’s legislative auditor. The 84-page report, which focused on $2.4 billion in home and community-based services …

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Clock is ticking: Disability issues highlighted at large rally

Clock is ticking: Disability issues highlighted at large rally

“We deserve to have our voices heard and our issues addressed.” Those words, spoken by Apple Valley parent Kelly Kausel, summed up the sentiments of this year’s Disability Matters Day at the Capitol.

A large crowd packed the February 28 …

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Mixed news with surplus, federal cuts

Following the money at the state and federal levels has a renewed urgency for Minnesotans with disabilities and their allies. The February 28 announcement of a $1.65 billion state surplus for fiscal year 2018-2019 and a $743 million ending balance …

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Editor’s Column – March 2017

The Minnesota legislative session is in full swing and moving at a very rapid pace, with deadlines for legislation to be heard in both chamber committees by March 10. “The first committee deadlines were adopted in 1971 as part of …

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History Note: Protests, podium appearances created lasting ADA images

During March, Women’s History Month, Access Press honors women who played a role in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They are sometimes described as the “mothers” of the ADA. This month is a look at some …

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