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Community groups rally to halt devastating cuts

Community groups rally to halt devastating cuts

Self-advocates and disability-related organizations are rallying to fight a pending seven percent cut to disability services in Minnesota. The cut will start taking effect July 1, unless the Minnesota Legislature takes action. What worries many service providers is that the …

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Josiah’s Fire shares family’s autism journey

Josiah’s Fire shares family’s autism journey

By Jan Willms

A diagnosis of severe autism disorder for son Josiah rocked the lives of parents Tahni and Joe Cullen. At 22 months Josiah became nonverbal. Family life became an emotional, financial and spiritual roller-coaster ride.

Life changed abruptly …

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Donors vital to our success

Donors vital to our success

Donors play an important role in helping bring Access Press to readers every month. As the newspaper staff and board cope with a fiscal crisis, some of our longtime readers and contributors are weighing in.Go here find donation information. Won’t …

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Editor’s Column – April 2018

This legislative session is a high priority for people with disabilities. I say this a lot, but that’s because politics and law require repeating messages over and over, and making efforts over and over. It’s the legislature that can resolve …

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HISTORY NOTE: ‘Changes’ gives a look back at long-ago behavior modification

Fifty years ago Travis Thompson’s documentary CHANGES focused on behavior modification at Faribault State School and Hospital. Food, possibly M & M candies, was used in teaching. Thompson is a licensed psychologist and professor in educational psychology at the University …

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